27 февраля 2019. Тренинг для журналистов “Изменение климата и пастбища Туркменистана”

Media can play a key role in building awareness around climate change and appropriate adaptation strategies. To this end, SLU-CA programme organized a training “Climate change and pastures of Turkmenistan” for Turkmen journalists. The training was very significant due to the relevance of climate change and pastures issues throughout the country. Participating journalists received climate change and pastures-related knowledge that improves their critical approach and independent ability to write articles on specific climate-related topics.

The training was attended by 24 journalists from different mass media*.

Within the training, participants had an opportunity to define steps towards the development of cooperation and different approaches to mitigate and adapt to the climate change, to implement relevant national strategies aimed at the strengthening of ecological capacitiesat national and regional level. The training served as a networking event too, and also had a regional component, with participants encouraged to analyse potential climate change scenario in Central Asian countries.

“Indeed, topics of climate change and rational use of natural resources are of extreme importance for our country and are widely covered in local media on a day to day basis. The training provided a deeper understanding of both subjects; and served as a platform of exchange between the journalists from Ashgabat and all five provinces,” said Elena Dolgova, a journalist from “Neutral Turkmenistan” newspaper.

The workshop was organised by the SLU-CA programme with support from the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan.

Mass media — State Committee of Turkmenistan on television, radio broadcasting and cinematography, Turkmen News Agency, representatives of regional newspapers “Turkmen Gundogary”, “Ahal Durmushy”, “Maru-shahu-jahan”, “Balkan”, “Dashoguz Habarlary”, “Bereketli toprak”, “Neutral Turkmenistan”, magazines “Ecological culture and environmental protection”, “Problems of desert lands development “, TV-channels “Altyn Asyr”, “TV-4”, “Yashlyk”, kids magazine “Gunesh”.