27 марта 2019. Учителям профессионально-технических училищ представили методику ILUMA

Integrated Land Use Management Approach (ILUMA)* was presented at the SDG*Training and Methodology Centre of the Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan. Twenty vocational school teachers from Ashgabat and other regions took part in the event.

The training was organised by SLU-CA to share information about its activities, particularly on the topics of pasture use and management.

International expert Mrs. Sarah Robinson presented the ILUMA within the context of Turkmenistan. Specifically, she explained how ILUMA had been considered when Turkmenistan’s Law on Pastures was developed. Mrs. Robinson also used ILUMA to explore the roles of different stakeholders and the socio-economic relations between them. The lecture has also included a discussion on water availability and water quality, a pivotal issue for the survival of livestock in the arid conditions.

The participants also learned about SDGs 13 and 15, as well as reforms being implemented in the agricultural sector and best practices of sustainable land use. Regarding this, Mrs. Gozel Hojalyyeva, representative of the Akhal region for the Women’s Union of Turkmenistan, commented: “It is important that citizens of Turkmenistan are aware of the reforms taking place on the national level, specifically addressing the needs of regular workers, such as farmers.”

“We need to think about mechanisms of sharing such kind of information with herders and farmers residing far away from the big cities so that the information on availability of legal framework reaches out its prime users – herders and livestock owners,” Mrs. Hojalyyeva added.