8-13 июля 2019. Лесники и лесопользователи освоили методы пересадки фисташковых деревьев

The State Committee on Forestry of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in cooperation with GIZ, organised a workshop on grafting techniques for Gissar and Bobotog Leskhozes. The aim of the workshop, which included on-the-job trainings, was to build capacity of foresters and forest users on grafting techniques in order to increase productivity of pistachio trees.

Approximately 200 graftings were introduced with a good variety of pistachio nuts. These were taken from a mother plot in Gal Aral mother station in the Jizakh Region, as well as local mother trees.

Local forest users improved their knowledge and experience in grafting techniques and will now be able to implement these skills on other trees. In the future, the new graftings themselves will increase productivity of pistachio.