26 июня 2019. Разработка нового закона о малопродуктивных землях

The Parliament has drafted a new law according to which low-productive lands of Kyrgyzstan can become the property of citizens and legal entities on a free basis. The new rules permit farmers and farms to invest in the development of these plots and grow different types of agricultural products for many years.

According to theinitiatorsof the law, as a result of the correct use of low-productive lands, these half a million hectares of near-barren areas can still bring a good income to boththeir owners and the state. At the same time, the country’s ecology will also improve, as the sponsors believe expanded land-use will mitigate greenhouse effects, thereby preserving Kyrgyzstan’s glaciers.

SLU-CA supported the preparation of the draft law, as well as conducted public hearings and produced a documentary film. The film is available in Russian at http://naturalresources-centralasia.org/index.php?id=220=2205