17-20 June 2019. The SENECA GREEN conference for experience exchange took place in Sarajevo

The second SENECAGREEN* conference brought together GIZ colleagues – including staff from headquarters, field offices, projects, and CIM integrated experts, across specific regions and topics – to foster exchanges of information and experience. The purpose in doing so was to support GIZ’s knowledge management, thereby improving work quality.

SENECA GREEN currently comprises 35 projects from its regions and has four thematic groups: 1) Biodiversity and Ecosystems, 2) Climate Policy, 3) Energy, and 4) “Waste’n’Balkan” (waste management). Conference participants discussed broad range of topics, from “nudging” and behavioural insights, using drones to identify illegal waste dumping, virtual reality solutions, and thematic group work.

Eight colleagues from three Central Asian countries participated. Additionally, remote colleagues were able to participate via moderated Skype 4 Business sessions.


SENECA GREEN – GIZ Sector Network for Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia and Afghanistan Aimed for Sustainable Economic Development and Employment.