17 October 2019 participants of the NDC Partnership Support Unit held a series of meetings in Dushanbe

The government of Tajikistan joined the Nationally Determined Contributions Partnership (NDC) in March 2019 and expressed an interest in receiving support from the Partnership for fast track implementation of its NDC.

For this purpose from October 14-17, 2019 participants of the NDC Partnership Support Unit held a series of meetings in Dushanbe. The Mission members Tshering Sherpa (SU Bonn) and Deo Gabinete (SU Bangkok) were accompanied by Manon Cassara (World Bank) and an employee of our regional programme, Roziya Kirgizbekova.

The aim of the Mission was to familiarize stakeholders with the Partnership (NDCs), its strategies and services it provides to countries. The Mission had a meeting with the Committee for Environmental Protection Committee (CEP) – Focal Point for NDCs

Partnership, and series of meetings with representatives of the relevant ministries and agencies, as well as international organizations and institutions active in Tajikistan.

During the meetings, the participants discussed the respective needs of Tajikistan in achieving the objectives for implementing the NDC. During the debriefing with the Chairman of CEP, the preliminary results of the Mission were presented and the next steps were agreed related to the engagement of Tajikistan with the NDCP. Thus, these meetings provided a good insight about the priorities and plans in each sector.

Nationally Determined Contributions are at the heart of the Paris climate agreement. In these NDCs, both industrialized and developing countries specify their emissions reduction and adaptation targets for the period up to 2030. The NDCs Partnership is a coalition of more than 100 members, including 87 countries. The Partnership helps countries in achieving climate goals set in NDCs. The partnership implements these activities with the help of bilateral and multilateral donor programmes. Germany is one of the founders of the Partnership and has provided 500 million euros in funding for these programmes since the Partnership was launched. Our program is interested in the effective implementation of the NDC tasks.